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Sex Offender Supervision Officer (SOSO) Bootcamp

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Topics Covered in class

  • Containment Model
  • History of Containment
  • Collaboration
  • Compliance Checks
  • Large Scale Operations (Sweeps)
  • Officer Safety
  • Mental Health
  • Registration Process
  • Federal Prosecutions
  • Legal Updates
  • Civil Liability
  • Searching Electronic Devices
  • Additional Topics Covered by Corporate sponsors such as Datapilot, Cyacomb Forensics, Vigilant Solutions, Magnet Forensics and more
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Designed for both Sworn and Non-Sworn Law Enforcement Professionals in charge of supervising Sex Offenders. 

Designed for but not limited to;
  • State Probation Officers
  • Federal Probation Officers
  • State Parole Agents
  • Local County and Municipal LE Officers
  • District Attorneys
  • Records Clerks
  • Registration Clerks
  • Supervisors
  • District Attorney Investigators
  • ICAC Detectives
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New for 2023 Attendees

ODIN Intelligence has partnered with Cyacomb Forensics and Datapilot to offer exclusive deals to Bootcamp attendees. This year you will have the option to purchase a bundle package which will include either a Datapilot handheld forensic tool which will allow users to acquire evidence in the field from Cell Phones, Tablets, and smartwatches. The bundle will include the hardware and license for one year. Find out more at

The second bundle which is available will be the SOSO Bootcamp registration bundled with a Cyacomb Forensics dongle and a 1 year license. Cyacomb pioneered a fast forensic triage tool allowing users to quickly identify Child Sexual Abuse Material on computers in the field. Additionally the software will allow users to boot directly to the provided usb thus allowing users to bypass passwords on most windows based devices. Additionally certificated training will be provided for free at the bootcamp! Find out more at
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Topics Covered in class

The only sex offender supervision training of its kind in the Nation. Created by field officers for field officers, ODIN Intelligence staff will train your team from the ground up. We teach the most effective, Evidence Based Practice (EBP) supervision techniques including searching, monitoring, investigating, interviewing, registering, surveillance and apprehension.  Officers also receive intensive instruction on digital supervision and investigation including the use of software such as Slitheris, Datapilot Desktop, Cyacomb Examiner, Magnet Outrider/ Shield and much more. SOSO Bootcamp was created for all staff who work with this unique and high-risk population. Technical prowess is not a requirement and all levels of digital competence will enjoy the course. Officers will learn reality based strategies for use in a collaborative containment model of sex offender management. Maximizing resources to provide the most community protection possible. All techniques in this class are “Evidence Based” upon research and have been proven to enhance community safety.
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Recommendations for the Course

While not a requirement for the course, having access to certain hardware and software is recommended to get the most out of the class. First and foremost we recommend you have an investigator laptop. An investigator laptop is just a laptop with little to no restrictions when it comes to downloading and running software. During the course, we cover and provide several different pieces of software ranging from free resources to free trials of paid resources. Not only do we provide access to these courses we also provide training on the utilization of these programs. Laptops do not have to be super expensive, but should be minimum 8g of ram and should be windows based. Mac computers will not be helpful as most forensic tools are specific to windows based devices. Also you should have access to the usb ports on the computer. An example of software programs covered are Datapilot Desktop, Slitheris, Magnet Shield, and much more. 
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Purpose built digital forensic solutions. Get more done in less time. Quickly triage and acquire evidence and intelligence. Actionable results in real-time. DATAPILOT provides a full spectrum of digital forensic solutions and services. Let us help you be a force multiplier. Grab a single file from a witness or one minute in time from a victim.  Triage mobile devices and drives for CP in a few minutes. Use Linked Screen to get incriminating evidence in real-time. Dump an entire phone, tablet or watch.  Then take all that evidence and intelligence and import into your other lab tools. Find out more at
Finding evidence faster to protect more people. Our unique tools enable law enforcement to scan devices for known child abuse or terrorist content up to 100x faster than traditional methods. Find out how at
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Barbados and Caribbean - In Person or Virtual

September 11, 2023 through September 14, 2023
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SOSO Bootcamp
Datapilot Desktop

Lake Tahoe, Ca
Date: September 27-29, 2023

Just a 16 min walk to the lake from the resort, this beautiful location is an outstanding backdrop for our Bootcamp. Let the hotel know you are with the SOSO Bootcamp to get the special group rate. Space is limited and capped at 100 seats so reserve your spot now!
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Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel
4130 Lake Tahoe Blvd,
South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150
(530) 544-5400

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SOSO Bootcamp
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