"In Greek mythology, Soteria was the spirit of safety and salvation, deliverance, and preservation from harm. Which is why we here at Soteria LE thought it was a fitting mascot for our training division. Soteria LE was created to be a community for First Responders and Community Caretakers alike to come and receive amazing and thoughtful self-paced, hybrid, and in-person instruction on a myriad of topics. 
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Community Based Training

We are assembling the nation's top instructors in law enforcement, prosecution, mental/ behavioral health, and more to provide the most accurate up to date information for all of our students. Every class we offer comes with a certificate upon completion.

Soteria LE Community

The Soteria LE Community was designed for first responders and community caretakers by first responders and community caretakers.

SOSO Bootcamps

Our In Person classes provide a premium value for those supervising sex offenders as well as those tasked with conducting investigations in a digital age. Click HERE to register for In-Person Training

Instructor Curated

All of the instructors on Soteria LE are private instructors who happen to support our platform and community. At Soteria LE we not only support our students but the instructors as well!
Our Partners

HERO Homeless Solutions

Hero Homeless Solutions is dedicated to helping those in need gain access to the resources they require to get back on their feet.

By connecting homeless individuals with vital resources, including housing, medical care, mental health services, addiction treatment, and education, we help empower them to take control of their lives and reach their full potential in our communities.
Our Partners


Purpose built digital forensic solutions

Get more done in less time.

Quickly triage and acquire evidence and intelligence. Actionable results in real-time. DATAPILOT provides a full spectrum of digital forensic solutions and services.

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Our Partners

Deville and Associates, LLC.

DeVille is dedicated and driven to provide education and training that keeps criminal justice professionals up to date with current trends in combating the modern-day criminal mind and bad actors. We offer consulting and POST certified and accredited training services to law enforcement and attorneys on complex issues.

We also provide no-charge education services to the public in educating and raising awareness of modern-day criminal activity. Our goal is to offer our services to families in keeping children safe on the internet, social media, and gaming platforms, where modern-day predators tend to lurk.
Our Partners

ODIN Intelligence, Inc.

ODIN is a suite of powerful tools which promote better and safer outcomes for complex social problems such as  missing persons, and registered sex offenders. 

ODIN believes collaboration between all of societies stake holders, including law enforcement, communities, family and society as a whole and we strive to bring those partnerships together in a meaningful and tangible way.

New Courses


Frequently asked questions

What can you offer that I cannot get anywhere else?

Our classes are taught by active investigators in their field of expertise. Not former investigators who have been retired for 10 years. Our instructors are up to date and are right there doing the same work day in and day out as you. They know the struggle and they know what you need to know to be as effective as possible in your job. 

Online Vs. In-Person Training ?

While In-Person training is always ideal, sometimes it is not always feasible. Budgets are tight, the locations may be too far to travel, or sometimes you just started a new assignment and you need a crash course to get yourself up and running. That is where Soteria LE comes in. To fill in those gaps and give you a little more knowledge and confidence in your job. 

Are your course certified?

Yes. Currently our In Person Sex Offender Supervision Officer Bootcamps are California POST Certified under plan 4 and they are also STC Certified as well and have been for over a decade. We are continuously working to get all of our courses including our self- paced programs certified through multiple Law Enforcement Certification programs. Please check each specific course to see if they meet your agency's requirements. 

When can I start studying ?

Once enrolled and tuition is paid you can start your class immediately. Everything is self paced unless otherwise noted so you can learn module by module if you like. Once you complete your skills assessment you will be provided with your certificate of completion. 
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